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Paryay is a Marathi word ’पर्याय’ which means an ‘option’.

Paryay provides sustainable options for destroying harmful substances like Plastic & carbon. We are also consuming too many toxins from our daily life products like toothbrushes, cutlery, straws, bottles, etc., resulting in health issues. We are bringing sustainable alternatives for your health and the earth.

Our Company

Paryay is a Nagpur based company in central India supporting the bamboo ecosystem in the country. Paryay empowers many local artisans to provide better wellbeing and sustainable income, which helps keep the traditional skills alive.

Paryay aims to create more employment opportunities in India, especially for women.

Our Mission

Team Paryay understands the importance of education and awareness and on mission to first educate people of age about the problems we are in and build sustainable solution around it.

Our Vision

Our vision to spread awareness about the issues and solves those by creating solution & products to support the sustainable lifestyle. 

Our Team

Team Paryay is a collaboration between founding members and local artisans around India. Understanding modern-day needs, we design products with ancient skills to create something beautiful yet functional.

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