Join The Sustainable Revolution

By Embracing Conscious Living With Natural Products

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Join The Sustainable Revolution

By Embracing Conscious Living With Natural Products

Join the waitlist to get 20% off on your first order.

About Paryay

Paryay ’पर्याय’ is a Marathi word that means option.

The purpose of Paryay is to offer a sustainable option for nature destroying elements like Plastic and CO2 with nature saving elements like Bamboo & more.


Never have to worry about nasty bacteria or anything like that, ever again.


100% Biodegradable, Plastic Free- Even Packaging, and Chemical Free

Non-Toxic Paints

There is ABSOLUTE NO toxic paint involved.


We hate animal life to build any kind of product.

Minimal Design

Uniquely designed for a stylish look and higher durability.

An update

What did happen in the last 19 months in Paryay?

Team Paryay is committed to designing & developing solutions with sustainable products for today and tomorrow. So we have continued working in the backend to make things happen.

After 19 months of Ideation and hard work, we are ready to Revolutionise the Sustainable Lifestyle Movement, to create a greater impact on Humanity.

Now you might be wondering what we were doing? 

Well, let us explain.

We were working on our system to serve you better and effortlessly. We started with just a wish to make a change and find a better option for nature-destroying elements like Plastic and CO2. 

Now we want to revolutionise the industry, starting with small but we assure that the collective impact will be far greater. 

Let us break down our process for you.

What were we doing?


Research plays an important role in what Paryay is planning to achieve. Bamboo being our primary raw material, we faced multiple roadblocks as it’s a natural material. We met and collaborated with multiple Bamboo experts, scholars, and Inherited Artisans. Now we are confident to say that we can pull this off with the research & the data we have collected.


Since we need a system and discipline to achieve something in life, so does the business. We have registered in 2020 as Paryay Eco-Products LLP and continued to align with legal, corporate, and nature laws so we can serve you without any hassle.


As we have mentioned we are going to start small, but its impact will be far greater. Our focus will be day-to-day utility products as they are an easy switch to a sustainable lifestyle. Every little drop contributes to the vastness of the ocean. We want to give a better shape to our future, by bringing the best design solutions. 

Team Paryay has worked day and night to bring the best & minimal designs for all; scribbling sketches, reforming them again and again till we find the one.

Manufacturing & Resourcing:

It gets difficult if you don’t have the right resources to achieve your goals. During these last few months, we have collaborated with like-minded individuals, Government agencies, and businesses to achieve one simple goal, i.e  ‘Behave today, for better tomorrow’. 

Also, we have invested a lot in our team’s learning so we can collectively serve our mission.

What’s next?

Now you might be wondering – okay we have listened to your story but what is in it for us? 

Let us tell you about what we are bringing to you this time.


You might be aware of the climate crisis happening around the world. But let me tell you, awareness is not just something you can get from the news media, which covers matters on a superficial level. 

Awareness is something that needs to be peeled out in layers. Awareness is a journey of going deep into the root cause of the problems we all are facing.

Team Paryay has gone deep to provide the best solutions which can be achieved with day-to-day life lifestyle changes.

We as team Paryay we want you to look deeper and join us on this awareness Journey.

Education & Solutions:

When we realize that we are aware of the problem, the next thing we need is the right Education to deal with it. Education gives you the ability to both identify the problem and solve it.

We want to educate that natural crises are not limited to individuals, groups, or even countries. We at Paryay understand this and are committed to work & collaborate to find the right solutions. 

With utility products, we are making it easy for anyone and everyone to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Join our Sustainable Revolution and become a part of our community.

Get 20% OFF on your first order.

Glimpse of our Products

Bamboo toothBrush in india

Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo with anti-bacterial Properties and BPA free bristles Bamboo toothbrush is the best alternative for 2nd biggest contributor of plastic pollution.

Paryay Bamboo bottle in India

Bamboo Bottle Flask

Use of Bamboo with a fusion of steel to reduce the carbon footprint to half and polymer waste, while maintaining the fluid temperature without compromising on Design. 

Bamboo Straw in india

Bamboo Straw

The natural properties of bamboo straw make it reusable with help coconut wool cleaner to increase the lifespan for more than a month which makes it the best alternative for plastic straw.

Join our Sustainable Revolution by embracing the conscious lifestyle

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